1-13819 232nd Street
Maple RIdge, BC, V4R0C7
Ph: 778-833-3473


Quote Number QUO-11270
Quote Date June 6, 2021
Total $966.00
New Client

Attn: Daniel Gooch

Re: 11380 Northview Crescent Delta

HVAC Scope

  • Basement bathroom 4" ducting and termination to exterior
  • re/re ceiling register in basement bathroom
  • Relocate floor register at main entry door (to be confirmed)
  • Induction cooktop booster fan vent to rear of house and add new 6" Wall termination (booster fan to be supplied by General Contractor
  • Relocate floor register in front of rear exit door in kitchen. New run from existing supply duct to new location

* Price is based on one visit to complete scope*


  • Cutting sub floor, drywall for access
  • Exterior sealing, waterproofing
  • Duct only no new equipment supplied
  • Floor and ceiling registers excluded at this time


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 HVAC Scope $920.000.00%$920.00
Sub Total $920.00
GST $46.00
Total $966.00

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