1-13819 232nd Street
Maple RIdge, BC, V4R0C7
Ph: 778-833-3473


Quote Number QUO-11210
Quote Date June 20, 2020
Total $40,950.00
Onnie Group

175-815 Village Drive Electrical/HVAC


-        Supply and install one (1), new 400A 120/208V 3ph – 4 wire service. Location to be determined by Prime Contractor

-        Supply and install one (1), new transformer

-        Supply and install new electrical meter bases in existing electrical room           

-        Wiring of two (2), new 4-ton RTU’s      

-        Coordination with BC Hydro to activate unit’s new account                         


-Supply and install one (1), new 7-ton RTU to new curb

-Supply and install one (1), new 5-ton RTU to new curb

-Supply and install two (2) new curbs for minimum 7-ton RTUs

-Supply and install digital thermostats for new RTU’s

-Provide separately metered two inch (2") gas line to accommodate 1,200,000 BTU/hr NTD: Landlord to confirm

-Crane lift


  • cutting, coring, firestop
  • exterior or roof penetrations
  • any additional work not included in RFP to be an additional cost to client


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Electrical Scope
1 HVAC SCOPE $24,200.000.00%$24,200.00
Sub Total $39,000.00
GST $1,950.00
Total $40,950.00

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