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Quote Number QUO-11259
Quote Date February 25, 2021
Total $22,785.00
WR Contracting

373 67a Street Tsawassen HVAC scope 

This quote is to include the following

  • Supply and install cooling system to accomodate house plans
  • 5 Ton Split system (14 SEER) AC only condenser not heat pump (radiant heating)
  • Ducting, fittings, grills/diffusers
  • Copper lineset from indoor unit to outdoor condenser
  • Laundry vent included
  • (4) bathroom fans and ducting included
  • Kitchen hood termination included
  • HRV system supplying and exhausting from locations to be determined on site
  • HRV dedicated control
  • Startup and comissioning of both systems

*$1620 additional to upgrade to heat pump condenser*


    • Cutting, coring, firestop
    • roof or wall penetrations
    • Insulation if ducting is within unconditioned space
    • framing conflicts to be up to general contractor to remedy
    • TECA document not included at this time

*alternate system can be priced based off of TECA heat loss calculation form. Dettson system to allow for less drop ceilings and bulkheads*

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 HRV SCOPE $6,500.000.00%$6,500.00
Sub Total $21,700.00
GST $1,085.00
Total $22,785.00

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