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Quote Number QUO-11252
Quote Date February 4, 2021
Total $5,460.00
New Client

863 East 4th Ave North Vancouver Furnace re/re

  • Replace existing furnace with new¬† DETTSON 96% high efficiency 2 stage furnace (rebate approved with gas permit and inspection)
  • New 636 venting to exterior (Fresh air intake and flue gas exhaust) 2" pipes
  • New digital thermostat Honeywell T6
  • Duct transitions to new furnace

* A/C can be an add on price if requested

* New Honeywell electric air cleaner can be priced new if requested

*Basic filter rack included

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 New high efficiency furnace re/re $5,200.000.00%$5,200.00
Sub Total $5,200.00
GST $260.00
Total $5,460.00

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