1-13819 232nd Street
Maple RIdge, BC, V4R0C7
Ph: 778-833-3473


Quote Number QUO-11194
Quote Date June 10, 2020
Total $8,003.75
Onnie Group

Project: 19055 Airport Way Units 801-806 (Warehouse)

Electrical Scope

  • Supply and install 4 lighting fixtures
  • Supply and install 4 light switches
  • Supply and install common receptacles
  • Supply and install em lighting
  • Supply and install 4 additional smoke detectors
  • Supply fire alarm system programming and verification

Sprinkler Scope

  • Supply and install (8) additional heads

Note: Back warehouse lighting, power and or fire alarm was not under original contract.  This is an addition as per project request.


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Sprinkler Scope
1 Fire alarm addition, programming and verification
1 Electrical Scope $2,075.000.00%$2,075.00
Sub Total $7,775.00
GST $228.75
Total $8,003.75

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