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Quote Number QUO-11278
Quote Date July 16, 2021
Total $18,354.00
New Client

Everett and Lori HVAC package 

23775 110b Ave Maple Ridge 

Supply and install the following items

  • New Daikin 60,000 BTU high efficient furnace
  • New intake and exhaust venting for new furnace
  • New 2.5 Ton TOSOT Heat pump system (18 seer)
  • New 2.5 Daikin Ton A frame coil
  • New copper line sets from indoor A frame coil to outdoor condenser
  • New Honeywell T10 thermostat with indoor wireless sensor
  • Bosch T9800 On Demand hot water system
  • New intake and exhaust for on demand hot water system
  • New Duct stub in into basement suite unit from main furnace trunk


*rebates applicable and client to apply for on their online portal- C&S will assist if needed

* electrical excluded at this time- low voltage only included

* New gas line to kitchen stove to be priced seperately once new stove is picked

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Furnace upgrade- 60,000 btu Daikin Furnace

$1000 rebate applicable

1 Heat pump system add on

Daikin Coil
TOSOT outdoor condenser
low voltage cable

1 BOSCH on demand hot water system- complete

$1000 rebate applicable

1 Honeywell T10 thermostat $420.000.00%$420.00
Sub Total $17,480.00
GST $874.00
Total $18,354.00

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