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Quote Number QUO-11286
Quote Date August 27, 2021
Total $19,320.00
New Client

Graham Thorogood A/C Quotation 

Supply and install of the following items

  • 2.5 Ton forced air system located in attic space with ducting serving whole home
  • 2.5 ton outdoor heat pump condenser
  • 5kw backup electric heater inside air handler
  • Honeywell T-6 digital smart thermostat
  • Ducting to supply distribution to separate rooms
  • Return air ducted to main entry hallway
  • Adjustable grills in rooms
  • Ducting fully insulated within attic space
  • Copper linset from outdoor condenser to indoor air handler
  • Low voltage cabling from outdoor condenser to indoor air handler
  • Low voltage from indoor air handler to thermostat
  • Electrical feed from panel to outdoor condenser
  • Electrical feed from panel to air handler and backup electric heater
  • Labor, startup and commissioning included
  • Drain pan located under unit in attic and piped to outdoors for condensation drain


*Electrical permit excluded at this time

*Locations of grills and registers to be confirmed with homeowner


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Forced air system for whole home comfort ( A/C and heat pump heating) $18,400.000.00%$18,400.00
Sub Total $18,400.00
GST $920.00
Total $19,320.00

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