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Quote Number QUO-11208
Quote Date July 23, 2020
Total $20,160.00
Onnie Group

Address: 100 - 4180 Lougheed Highway (Electrical)


  • Supply and install rough-in wiring, conduits, materials, equipment & all electrical to meet plans in construction/architectural drawings
  • Supply and install all electrical to meet code requirements
  • Supply and install occupancy sensors throughout
  • Supply and install exit signs – combo as required
  • Wiring of one (1) Hot Water Tank
  • Sub Panel is existing
  • Supply and install all outlets and data mud rings as per construction drawings
  • Install fifty-seven (57) Onni Supplied 2x2 LED lights according to ID1.05 of construction drawings
  • Supply and install all necessary pull stations to meet code requirements
  • Supply and install single PAC pole as shown on ID1.04 of construction drawings

Note: Any items not listed within scope will be at additional cost to the client.



  • Supply and install Hvac to suit new space plan layout
  • White plaque 24x24 diffusers
  • Check pneumatic controls to make sure they are in proper working order

*Base building controls- setup and comissioning to be done by base building if required

* Equipment and controls are assumed to be in poper working order (If this is not the case co-ordination bewtween base building and Cooke&Sons will be needed and additional to scope)



  • Cutting, coring, firestop
  • Exterior penetrations
  • Base building controls/commissioning
  • Firestop, fire dampers, fire extinguishers
  • Comfort balance only. If full balance report is required this will be additional to scope
  • Seismic is to be existing
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Electrical Scope

Re work HVAC ducting and system to accomodate new space layout

Sub Total $19,200.00
GST $960.00
Total $20,160.00

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