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1-13819 232nd Street
Maple RIdge, BC, V4R0C7
Ph: 778-833-3473

Quote Number QUO-11154
Quote Date March 23, 2020
Total $1,089.00
Onnie Group

401 Brew Street T Bar addition

T-Bar addition in new boardroom at 401 Brew Street.

  • add two new 2x2 lights in tbar
  • add hvac diffuser in tbar
  • add sprinkler drop into tbar
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Electrical Scope

Add two new lights in boardroom ceiling. Lights supplied by Onni

1 HVAC Scope

Add new 24x24 diffuser into drop ceiling

1 sp

Add new sprinkler into drop ceiling

Sub Total $990.00
GST $99.00
Total $1,089.00

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