1-13819 232nd Street
Maple RIdge, BC, V4R0C7
Ph: 778-833-3473


Quote Number QUO-11240
Quote Date December 4, 2020
Total $16,380.00
Disher Construction

8855 Laurel Street HVAC Quotation


  • supply and install new ICP 4 ton package rooftop unit to existing curb on site
  • distribution ducting serving back of house area on top of new mezzanine
  • return air duct to be open to space
  • gas connection through existing roof boot from gas serving existing unit heater
  • low voltage included with digital touch screen thermostat
  • exposed side take off supply grills
  • long reach crane lift included


  • cutting, coring, firestop
  • roof or wall penetrations and sealing
  • comfort balance only
  • no curb adaptors included if needed
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 HVAC SCOPE $15,600.000.00%$15,600.00
Sub Total $15,600.00
GST $780.00
Total $16,380.00

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