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Quote Number QUO-11193
Quote Date June 9, 2020
Total $418,425.00
Onnie Group

Project: Golden Ears Building 800 Upgrade

Project Address: 19055 Airport Way

Project Scope:

  • Supply and installation of (1) Lot LV Siemens Distribution
  • Unit Substation Modifications
  • Supply and installation of quad logic metering
  • Supply and installation of LV metering
  • Supply and installation of HV cabling
  • Termination of HV cabling
  • Removal and replacement of existing 1400A and 1600A breakers with 3000A Lug Pad
  • Commissioning and Ground Testing
  • Testing of HV cabling
  • Co ordination Study for 3000kVA and 2000kVA unit subs
  • Insulations Tests
  • Resistance Tests
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Underground Duct Work
  • Replacement of 70A breakers in existing switchgear
  • Re routing of existing feeder cables to existing switchgear to be fed from new switchgear
  • Crane lift for 3000kva sub
  • Crane lift for 2000kva sub


  • Civil Work
  • Cutting
  • Coring
  • All items downstream of new switchgear not including existing switchgear
  • Bollards by others
  • Concrete pads by others
  • Pullboxes


  • Given the complexity of the project shutdown times, all parties are to come to an agreement of shutdown procedures and project progress co ordination.
  • If backup generators are to be added to the project scope, these items will need to be discussed and agreed upon at additional cost to the project.
  • Any items not listed within project scope are in additional cost to this quotation.
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Electrical Scope $398,500.000.00%$398,500.00
Sub Total $398,500.00
GST $19,925.00
Total $418,425.00

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