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Quote Number QUO-11242
Quote Date December 10, 2020
Total $7,140.00
WR Contracting

Budget Blinds HVAC quotation

Supply and install new distribution ducting to new top floor and lower floor extensions as discussed on site.

Lower floor to be served with new ducting in front and rear of space (exisiting baseboards to be removed)

Lower floor to be 12" against partition wall with ducts entering floor joists to diffusers. Please confirm floor joists will be running from side to side in space and not front to back to accomodate this ducting.

Labor and material included.


  • Cutting, coring, firestop
  • Ceiling and wall penetrations
  • Ariel lift rental if needed
  • After hours work
  • Comfort balance only
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 HVAC $6,800.000.00%$6,800.00
Sub Total $6,800.00
GST $340.00
Total $7,140.00

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