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Quote Number QUO-11215
Quote Date August 31, 2020
Total $11,775.75

Neovasc Quotes

Estimate #1

  • Decommissioning of Autoclave and utility’s
  • Removal of all equipment from chem ops area. Relocation of blowdown tank. Relocation of utility supply lines.

Part #1

  • Disconnection and Removal Autoclave out to warehouse. Possible removal of first door and door frame. Estimate does not include installation of door frame after removal if necessary.

Part #2

  • Disconnection and Removal of electric steam boiler to warehouse area.

Part #3

  • Removal and relocation of utility’s (will require chem ops water supply to be off for 2-3 hours)

Part #4

  • Relocation of blowdown tank and all associated utility’s including vent to other side of wall in new boiler area.

Quote #1

  • Collect, deliver and trim to size 8x (5/8 24x48) ceiling tiles to replace half tiles in CER1.

Quote #2

  • Installation of 2ton (24k BTU) wall mounted AC mini split style unit on back wall of warehouse.
  • Install condensing unit on roof.
  • *3 ton unit available at increased price*.
  • Complete with all accessories with lineset enclosed in fortress trunking.
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Part 1
1 Part 2
1 Part 3
1 Part 4
1 Quote #1
1 Quote #2 $5,990.000.00%$5,990.00
Sub Total $11,215.00
GST $560.75
Total $11,775.75

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