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Quote Number QUO-11291
Quote Date September 9, 2021
Total $12,810.00
New Client

Unit 123- Leslie A/C quotation 

Supply and install of the following

  • (1) 9,000 BTU evaporator head Panasonic CS-E9RKUAW (heating and cooling) located in master bedroom
  • (1) 18,000 BTU evaporator head Panasonic CS-E18RKUAW (heating and cooling) located in main floor living area at rear sliding door
  • (1) Multi port outdoor condenser Panasonic CU-4E24RBU  located on rear deck
  • copper linesets from outdoor unit to indoor units
  • Fortress duct to conceal exterior piping
  • Control wiring from outdoor unit to indoor units
  • Drains run to grade or nearby gutter system or pump also included if needed


* Electrical excluded

* Drywall repair excluded if needed

* Approval by strata needed- exterior envelope penetrations will be warrantied by homeowner as intstructed by strata.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 A/C Package as noted above $12,200.000.00%$12,200.00
Sub Total $12,200.00
GST $610.00
Total $12,810.00

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