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Quote Number QUO-11245
Quote Date January 5, 2021
Total $1,501.50
New Client

ZIVA Additional exhaust fans for server room

  • Exhaust fan installed within server room
  • Pass through grill located in opposite corner for intake air
  • Wiring included
  • Fan to be exhausted to kitchen area


  • cutting, coring, firestop
  • wall or ceiling penetrations, sealing
  • fire rated assemblies

*additional cost for controlling fan by reverse acting thermostat attatched*


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Additional exhaust fan for server room with intake passive grill
1 adding reverse acting thermostat to control exhaust fan $110.000.00%$110.00
Sub Total $1,430.00
GST $71.50
Total $1,501.50

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